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Cnr of Streets 51 & 172  
Phnom Penh, Cambodia  
+855 12 804836  
Open 4pm til late  

Review - Shanghai Bar

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Having had a few beers four years ago at the newly opened Shanghai it’s been fascinating to watch this bar grow and develop into as it says on its advertising: ‘’Phnom Penh’s premiers singles bar’.

Shanghai, along with the Walkabout, is the cities most successful and longest established beer bar. Shanghai doesn’t have the crowd of freelancing girls to be found down the strip at the Walkabout but its’ loyal crowd of customers appreciate the unsleazy mens bar atmosphere and the 20 or so girls behind the bar never forget to wear their smiles. The monthly barbeques are an absolute must and fantastic value considering the quality of food served for $7.50 not forgetting two free hours of draft beer. On regular nights draft Beer (Anchor and Ankor) goes for $1.25 and the girls are always up for a game of pool. Recommended.

Posted by: Rakit at January 7, 2005 01:16 AM

I have to say that if you're going to run into me in any bar in the city it will probably be the Shanghai. The girls aren't all straightfoward taxi-girls, something I don't mind, and most of them are cheerful and friendly. I just wish they kept some of them around longer. I used to like a lot of the old ones who've been replaced. The manager takes care of his customers. And this is one place that is experimenting. A new bigscreen T.V. went in recently. And there are more plans for the future. I used to enjoy the Pig Nights, as well as the unparallelled BBQs, and it's a shame they seem to have been discontinued. The music's become more varied in the past few months. But I still like the fact that they play older tunes from the '60s and '70s as a sort of alternative to the pop that prevails in most of the other places around and including the Heart. The food's good, too. Go for the porkchops and the beefsteak sandwich.

Posted by: Mac Hathaway at September 18, 2004 12:07 PM